What we stand for

Euro-Silo wants to meet the expectations of its customers, partners, shareholders and stakeholders by putting the following values first at the core of our day-to-day business activities and decision making.

Distribution center by excellence

For over 50 years, Euro-Silo has been and is your ideal partner in the port of Ghent for anything that has to do with the handling, distribution and storage of grain, oilseeds and derivatives. Thanks to continuous improvements and investment, Euro-Silo also acquired an international reputation as the distribution center by excellence in the heart of Europe.

But, storage, handling and distribution are not the only services Euro-Silo has to offer. Find out more about all our services which are carried out following the highest quality standards.

Handling more than

4.5 million tons a year

Incoming flow

Outgoing flow

Type of products

With more than 50 years of experience in the agribusiness, we are your partner for the storage, transport and distribution of grains, seeds and derivatives.

Our terminals

Rodenhuizedok, Ghent

The Rodenhuizedok terminal is a crucial location for the Cargill and Alco Bio Fuel plant. With a direct connection through conveyors, we offer the most efficient and sustainable way in the production supply of their plants. 

With their strategic location, more than 410.000 MT of storage capacity in flatstorage and vertical bins, the Rodenhuizedok offers the perfect gateway to handle and store a wide variety of dry bulk products.

Draft 12.5m (F.W.)
Unloading capacity
Grab crane 1,500 T/h
Mobile crane 500 T/h
Railcar unloading pit 600 T/h
Truck unloading pit 500 T/h
Storage capacity
Flatstore 240,000 T
Vertical bins 170,000 T
Loading capacity
Barges 3 x 700 T/h
Train 325 T/h
Truck 250 T/h

Sifferdok, Ghent

The Sifferdok terminal is a highly automated facility. The terminal features advanced loading and unloading systems, all connected with conveyors and redlers that minimize manual labor and increase productivity. Next to the 110.000 MT of flat storage, the terminal also features 52 vertical bins of storage, allowing efficient use of space and minimizing the risk of product contamination.

Draft 12.5m (F.W.)
Unloading capacity
2 mobile Siwertell ship unloaders 2 x 700 T/h
Railcar unloading pit 600 T/h
Truck unloading pit 300 T/h
Storage capacity
Flatstore 110,000 T
Vertical bins 130,000 T
Loading capacity
Barges 2 x 700 T/h
Train 325 T/h
Truck 250 T/h

Our history

Since 1968, Euro-Silo has established itself as a prominent provider of bulk storage and handling services in Belgium, with a rich history of success and growth.

Euro-Silo Sifferdok was founded
In 1968, Euro-Silo was founded through a partnership between Vanden Avenne Commodities and Cargill. Euro-Silo started at Sifferdok with 2 pneumatic unloaders and a silo storage capacity of 18.000 tons.
Soon extra storage capacity was needed and another 7 vertical bins of 4.000 tons were built.
Phase 3 of the expansion started with another 10 bins of 4.000 mt each.
The Rodenhuizedok terminal was built, known at that time as Ghent Grain Terminal.
Euro-Silo raised the first flatstore with semi-automatic filling and emptying with an extra capacity of 50.000 mt.
The 'Insteekdok' of Sifferdok was excavated.
A flatstore of 20.000 m² was built with the preparation for an extra expansion of 20.000 m².
Phase 4 of the vertical expansion, another 12 bins of 4.000 mt.
Flatstore 2 consisting of 4 compartments of 18.000 mt and a storage height of 19m and a semi-automatic filling and emptying device.
After the completion of the flatstore of 40.000 m², another 12 XL vertical bins of 7.000 mt were built.
Extra unloading capacity was needed so the grab crane was installed.
5 tanks were installed with a capacity of 8.000 mt each.
To increase the storage and automatisation of the flat storage at Rodenhuizedok a saddle roof with conveyors was built.
Start-up of the partnership with Alco Bio Fuel

A structural partnership with Alco Bio Fuel connected to Euro-Silo started.

Visit Alco Bio Fuel
Start of Carbon Green Logistics
The built-up of a new eco-friendly logistic activity in the Rodenhuizedok.


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