EURO-SILO Sifferdok was founded in 1968 and started with 2 pneumatic unloaders and a silo storage capacity of 18,000 tons. This capacity was gradually increased to 240,000 tons.

EURO-SILO Rodenhuize was founded in 1978 as ‘Ghent Grain Terminal’. From 1978 until 1994 the storage capacity of this terminal was raised up to 410,000 tons. In January 1992 EURO-SILO Sifferdok took over Ghent Grain Terminal and renamed this installation EURO-SILO Rodenhuizedok.

Today EURO-SILO has a total storage capacity of 650,000 tons at 2 sites in the port of Ghent: Euro-Silo Sifferdok and Euro-Silo Rodenhuizedok.