Euro-Silo is a leading storage and transhipment company for grains and derivatives. We are a strong player in international grain traffic and are an established player in the Ghent port. As an highly automated company with ISO and FCA certification, we comply to the highest quality and safety standards. Over the years, Euro-Silo has grown into a company with an important international reputation. Today we have a total storage capacity of 650.000 tons, with two sites in the port of Ghent, one at Sifferdok and a second one at Rodenhuizedok.

Loading & unloading

2 terminals

Two terminals with a total of 1.300 meters in quay length handle incoming and outgoing grain, oilseeds and derivatives cargos. Thanks to the high-tech loading and unloading installations, several sea-going vessels can be handled simultaneously.

Total unloading
Loading capacity
Loading capacity

*Based on heavy grains, 40,000 mt/day is the overall unloading capacity for both terminals from 06.00 am till 10.00 pm. Upon the customer’s request and depending on availability, this capacity can be increased by nightshifts.

**sea-going vessels, coasters, barges and railway cars

Unique features


Vertical bins & flatstores

Over the years, Euro-Silo has improved and expanded its total storage capacity for grains, oilseeds and derivatives up to 650.000 mt, divided into vertical bins and flatstores.

1 mt
Total storage capacity
1 mt
vertical bins
flowing grains & oilseeds
1 mt

Extra services

Our terminals

Euro-Silo operates two terminals in Ghent, Belgium: the Rodenhuizedok terminal and the Sifferdok terminal. Both terminals provide advanced bulk storage and handling services, with a focus on quality, safety, and efficiency.

Both terminals feature highly automated systems, advanced inventory management, and a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that all products are handled and stored to the highest standards. 

Your grains are

In good hands

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